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Taking a Stance with our Kingston Community

Written by Mike Hepburn
July 15, 2022

To the Kingston Community,

In light of the recent reports involving a prominent business owner within our city, we felt it necessary to voice our position on this story and how it affects our business, our ethics, and the clients we represent.

In January 2022, YourSocialStrategy was excited to begin the process of merging our business with another local respected name, Webworks. We were thrilled by the prospect of taking our two companies and strategically implementing our skills into a larger rebranded company. We’ve spent months behind the scenes working on launching our new company and announcing these exciting changes to the world.

Months before our merger, it was discovered that clients were taken from Webworks in an unethical manner. When the news broke that Michael Haaima had ties to so many Kingston businesses, we felt the shock, along with everyone else, when reading the heinous crimes this individual has been charged for. Before the news broke, we were unaware of any of these crimes. The damage caused by this person’s actions has left us feeling hurt, betrayed, and appalled.

As a team at YourSocialStrategy, we felt being fully transparent and honest with our community was necessary to take a stance and show our support to the victims and anyone affected by this tragedy. While Mr. Haaima was, for a time, employed by Webworks before this acquisition, he was never connected to YourSocialStrategy in any way. Further, we want to ensure our clients know that since the acquisition, they have been clients of YourSocialStrategy, not Webworks.

Our clients and the community we support and thrive in are most important. We must make this statement and share our hurt and disappointment with the rest of our city. If we’re not open and honest with our community and everyone we professionally represent, then we’re not remaining true to our core values as a business and team.

It’s important during times like this that we’re there for each other and support those in need within our community. Anyone with information is asked to call the OPP non-emergency number at 1-888-310-1122 or their local police. If you or someone you know may be a victim of these crimes, call 911 immediately. If you seek help and guidance or simply need to talk, we’ve included some helpful resources below.

With Kindness & Sincerity,
The YourSocialStrategy Team


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Taking a Stance with our Kingston Community